New Technology / Improved Processes and Procedures


With the move came a large investment in state of the art CNC milling and saw centres that ensure that each window produced is of the highest standard. Each computer controlled centre is capable of performing its machining operation to within 0.01 of a mm. The precision and repeatability of these machines has given us a great edge in the market.


One of the downfalls of CNC technology is that the process of programming the machine and setting up the workpiece can be time consuming when compared to a punch setup which is fast but can often leave a less than perfect finish (stress marks on the surface). To overcome this ASA Windows have developed custom software that allows us to export our cutting lists directly to the saw, eliminating the need for programming. The same process also creates the CNC programmes for us and associates each program with a barcode that is printed by the saw. This means there is no time spent waiting between CNC operations. The operator scans the barcode and loads the workpiece and the machine knows what to do. Cutting out the programming phase has allowed us tom improve our lead times and has also helped with quality control by eliminating part of the human error aspect. Every piece of extrusion is labelled with a sticker that tells our fabricators which frame it belongs too, where in the frame it belongs and its length.



Our Vision

"Our vision is to be the preferred supplier of aluminium windows and doors in the commercial market in West Australia."

- Peter Coffey, Director

We are highly focused on the way we work, both internally and in our external relationships, with the clear goal of delivering our product and services on time and with the highest level of quality. Our capacity to achieve this goal sets us apart from our competitors.

A Bit About Us


Established in 1986 we have steadily grown in size and are now one of Perth's largest suppliers of aluminium windows and doors to the commercial market.


With 30 years of experience in the industry we are capable of carrying out a broad scope of works, predominantly aimed at servicing the large scale commercial market. We specialize in all Commercial Windows, Shop Fronts, Curtain Walls, Bi-Fold windows and doors, glass and glazing.


We currently employ 4 Project Managers, 3 teams of in house Installers, 2 teams of Glaziers and 12 full time fabricating staff allowing us to service multiple sites at the same time and at a consistently high standard.  

Our New Premises


In 2011 ASA Windows made the decision to relocate to a new purpose built facility in Wangara. The new facility tripled our factory floor space which allowed us to take on much larger projects for our clients while maintaining our quality and ability to deliver on time.

The ASA Windows Team

Outstanding Quality Control


As part of our mission to remain the preferred supplier of aluminium windows and doors to the commercial market and ensure that our frames are delivered defect free and on time to our clients, we have implemented checklists for every point in our manufacturing and office process. This means every time your job is handed to another department (i.e Admin, Estimating, Project Management, Shop Drawings, Factory and Delivery) we have a quality control checklist to ensure that the correct information is being passed down the line. This has significantly reduced mistakes made due to poor communication between departments. The rollout of these new QC systems has resulted in improved customer satisfaction and reduced lead times.